Salil Mehta and Colin Stevens to Unveil "Singlish," a Singaporean Cocktail Bar in the Heart of New York's Union Square Neighborhood

Singlish pays homage to the world-class Singapore craft cocktail culture in a tongue-in-cheek fashion with the help of Beverage Director Colin Stevens. Pairing the traditional with the unexpected, Stevens has created an inimitable style that is both hard to define and easy to identify.

Singlish (a portmanteau of Singapore and English) is an English-based colloquial language, spoken solely in Singapore and known as the Lion City's lingua franca. Singlish arose out of a situation of prolonged language contact between speakers of many different languages in Singapore, including Hokkien, Malay, Teochew, Cantonese and Tamil. Like the language it was named after, the speakeasy takes inspiration from a variety of cultures and regions to create one cohesive menu that brings the space to life with bold flavors and authentic ingredients. Heavily influenced by Singapore's booming cocktail scene, Singlish is a celebration of the city's vibrant and innovative bar culture.

The menu at Singlish blends the familiar with the unexpected to bring an element of surprise to each sip. The Mai Lai, Mai Lai Wa, Mai Lai uses black powder gin, salted egg vermouth and a salted egg stuffed olive garnish, resulting in a Singaporean version of the classic Martini. Stevens' Hawker Highball (Ikan bilis), made with Cazadores Blanco tequila, ancho reyes, pineapple, orange, lime and a splash of fish sauce, brings the flavors of Southeast Asian cooking to the glass with the unexpected incorporation of fish sauce into a sweet and spicy cocktail. Further taking inspiration from the flavors of Southeast Asian cuisine, The Ho Seh Boh?? combines sesame oil washed Great Jones bourbon, osmanthus syrup, sirene galangal bitters, and angostura, creating a flavor combination that is commonly found on a plate, but rarely tasted in a cocktail.

Exploring spirits lesser known in the Western world, the menu also features several cocktails made with Baijiu' a distilled grain alcohol that originated in China and has since become the most popular spirit in the world. Offerings like Henh ah with Baijiu, orchid gin, jasmine tea, sichuan pepper, blood orange and cardamom and Barrel Aged Baijiu Negroni with Ming River Baijiu, cinzano rosso vermouth, aperol and bitters, pair mellow floral and spice notes with the funky, fermented flavor commonly found in Baijiu and invite guests to sip on something they may have never tried before.

With a strong passion for building a dynamic cocktail culture and a desire to raise the bar on emerging cocktail trends from across the world, the team at Singlish will also offer non-alcoholic cocktails, bringing the Singlish experience to everyone, regardless of their drinking habits or preferences. To pair with the cocktails, Salil Mehta and his culinary team will serve bar bites and traditional Singaporean street snacks like Teocheow Style Marinated Duck Tongue braised with ginger and scallion, Singlish Fries with salted egg aioli, Singlish Platter with exotic fruit, cheese, Singapore style pork and beef jerky, olives and crackers, Fiery Papaya Salad and Api Api Chicken Sliders.


Duck Tongue
Teocheow style marinated duck tongue braised in ginger scallion

Jelly Fish
Soy seasoned jelly fish

Money Bag
Mince chicken with fiery mix of chili and peppers wrapped in spring roll skin

Kuih pie tee
Nyonya top hats, filled with jicama, fermented soy bean, egg ribbons served with a chili vinegar

Singlish Platter
Seasonal exotic fruit, cheese, Singapore style pork and beef Jerky, olives and crackers

Singlish Fries
served with salted egg aioli

Fiery Spicy Papaya Salad

Wonton Mee

API API Chicken Sliders


Monday: CLOSED
5:30pm-12am Midnight

17 E 13th St
New York, NY 10003
(Between 5th Ave & University Pl)

Tucked away on the second floor
of this cozy town-house style building

(646) 609-2633